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Tazer looks so proud to be Kaner’s “boy”


Tazer looks so proud to be Kaner’s “boy”

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I Have No Plot But I Know Which Groceries These Characters Would Buy: A Tale of Misplaced Priorities

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me:I'm going to bed early tonight.
me:is that the sun
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Hockey is back tomorrow. Prepare for the fuckery that is going to ensue. I apologize in advance for the next like 8 months.

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"It’s been a foregone conclusion from the minute he stepped in the dressing room that he’d be our captain. He’s got such a presence. We’re all good teammates in here and think team-first, but Jonathan is just on a different level entirely."
Patrick Kane (x)

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“I hate him,” toews deadpanned, eliciting a laugh from kane.

When Jonathan Toews said “I hate him” we all knew that he really meant “I am hockey-marrying the shit out of that man and never fucking letting him go ever, so help me god.” 

I love that Tazer brings up Kaner unprompted in an interview that is supposed to be about his brother.

He talks about David for about a minute and a half but then realizes he’s gone too long without mentioning Pat so he needs to bring him up…

Toews: “I keep hearing it from Kaner that he’s the better of the two Toewses, so…but I guess I gotta fight to prove him wrong on that one.”

Reporter: “The third brother’s chiming in, huh?

Toews: “Yeah, I guess so…I guess you could say that.”

He said that because Kaner is not David’s brother - he’s David’s brother-in-law. ;)

He wants Kaner to think he’s the better Toews. :)

And Jonny talks about David being messy, but we know from Kaner that Jonny is messy as well. :P

Canon accepted.  I’m leaving the “head” part out because: lbr. ;)

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